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ICCFD9 Plenary Speakers

Prof. Shigeru Obayashi, Director, Institute of Fluid Science, Tohoku University, Japan
Topic: "Multi-objective Design Exploration (MODE) with CFD"

Prof. Georges-Henri Cottet, Grenoble University, France
Topic: "Recent advances with Semi-Lagrangian particles for complex fluid and fluid-structure dynamics"

Prof. Metin Muradoglu, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Koc University, Istanbul, Turkey
Topic: "Computational Modeling of Soluble Surfactant in Multiphase Flows"

Assoc.Prof. Mehmet Şahin, Dept. of Aerospace Eng., Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
Topic: "An arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian (ALE) approach for moving-boundary problems with large displacements and rotations"